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Elite Academy Nepal provides comprehensive security training programs for highly skilled and professional security guards. Our offerings include SIRA - Basic Security, Elite Guard - Level II, and Basic Security Guard Training. Equipped with the latest knowledge and practical skills, our trainees excel in any situation. Focused on risk management, conflict resolution, and cutting-edge techniques, our graduates stand out in the private security industry. Prepared for global and local deployment, they meet diverse security demands. With experienced management team and certified trainers from renowned international agencies, we ensure top-notch security education and skill development.

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Elite Guard, Level II

(Certified by SIA and Elite Academy, UK): 6 days Training including practical exercise.


(Accredited by Elite Academy, UK and SIRA, Dubai): 4 days Basic Security Gaurd Training including computer based exam and fitness test

Basic Security Guard

(Elite Academy Nepal) (6 days Training including practical exercise and written test)

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